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Introducing Wrap Interior

“Wrap Interior thrives on the ability to personalize your home or commercial space using progressive and endless choices of trends in design and textures with complete peace of mind, massive savings in just a matter of hours, and without the need to vacate or interrupt your life.

At Wrap Interior we decided to bring accessibility in renovation to all homes, offices and commercial spaces with the help of professional interior designers and operations specialists. Using material that is protected against wear and tear, scratches, water and heat, while being totally washable like any other surface while protecting your space from humidity and mold.

Who We Are ?

We are a team of design and operations experts with over 40 years of combined experience in design and execution. After over 3 decades in the UAE, we believe there is a need to take one step towards making the UAE your home. That starts with personalizing your space. This is what we are passionate about.

Our owners are our designers and are involved in every step of this ‘made easy’ transformational process to ensure that you get, in a matter of days, a space perfectly transformed to your taste and needs. Whether at home, in your office or your commercial space. Our implementation team have been expertly trained to convert kitchens, bathroom, amenities, walls, floors and any other space you want to use to express your personality.

What We Do?

We specialize in upgrading interior spaces using state of the art vinyl wrapping system applied to refurbishments and renovations of your desired space. Our material is known for being fully waterproof, scratch resistant, antibacterial, anti-mold and self-extinguishing, all while ensuring sustainability and eco-friendliness.

The application process turns your finished space into a real work of art representing authentic textures and colors. Be it Wood, Leather, Marble, Metallic, Natural Stone and paint colors they will always look real.

We take pride in a no mess no fuss process. A transformational project done in a matter of hours and that does not require neither vacating the premises, or heavy duty tools or breaking of the bank account.

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